Northern Ireland

how to say have a nice day in japanese

"I hope you (will) have a nice trip." This expresses hope for events that will happen in the future. In Japanese: This expresses hope for events that will happen in the future. In Japanese: ... More

how to put music onto onedrive

3) Else, you can use File manager and go to Music files and share them to OneDrive. 3) It is easier to upload Music from your PC and you can just open the Onedrive in your browser and upload music ... More

how to make rajgira flour

Add rajgira flour with the mixture and make a stiff dough. 5. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes and divide it into small portions after that. 6. Take a pan and heat oil in it for 4-5 minutes. 7. Roll the small portions into thin pooris. 8. Fry the pooris till the edge turns crisp. 9. Transfer them in a plate and serve with a choice of your dip. Instructions. 1. Try to bind the dough within the ... More

cemu how to move controller

You are sure to enjoy the game play of the Wii U controller, as you not only move your analog stick but your whole body as well for the game to be played. The Nintendo WiiU gives a whole body experience so not only does your mind immerse in the game - but so does your body, and that's what gamers want and what they really dream off while going through a certain game! You may also be interested ... More

how to make a hud unity

HUD cooldown bars are visual elements in game that don't necessarily belong to the game's world, but are an indication for the player of a period of time during which she can or cannot perform an action. ... More

how to make friends in tomodachi life

12/09/2014 This Nintendo developed "Mii eroge simulator" has been entertaining adult audiences for decades, and today, I look a bit deeper in it to find some intriguing knowledge that you may not have heard ... More

how to make big wind chimes

I ended up aligning the chimes at the top and putting the chimes in the order 1-3-5-2-4 with 1 being the shortest chime. When stringing the chimes, I utilized a great technique I found on the website to prevent the twine from rubbing against the holes in the chimes and snapping. ... More

how to play as britannia in warhammer

28/05/2016 Samnio has created a mod which let's you play as Bretonnia in campaign mode. The faction has a lot of placeholders at the moment so this should not be considered a full experience. ... More

how to read hdb floor plan measurements

teoalida hdb floor plan bto flats ec sers house housing in singapore collection of hdb floor plans from 1930s to present housing market analysis house plans and architecture services etc hdb history photos and floor plan evolution 1930s to this page shows floor plans of 100 most mon hdb flat types built since 1930s to 2010s a research about hdb evolution along history one stop s permit ... More

i dont know how to love him australian

... More

how to make a cuckold

make him cuckold - fucked up bitches make their boyfriends watch them have sex with other guys! ... More

how to play spotify through airplay

How to Use Spotify With HomePod Through AirPlay Apples new HomePod good speaker is designed essentially for Apple units, and it is closely tied to the Apple ecosystem. Natively, youll handiest movement song at the HomePod thru an Apple Tune subscription, iTunes purchases, or iTunes Fit content material uploaded to iCloud Tune Library. ... More

how to make a bar graph on the computer

Tissue Loading Bar Graphs or Meters – something paid attention to far less than the actual NDL, but is also an important feature on your dive computer. Many PDC’s have some sort of meter or bar graph that gives you a representation of nitrogen in your system. The more bars, the more nitrogen. For the most part, these graphs go hand in hand with your NDL, however toward the end of the dive ... More

how to say i love you in australian sign language

The above image shows the publication Australian Aboriginal words in English which lists over 400 words from 71 Aboriginal languages now in everyday use across Australia. Road sign, Boulia. JOL Negative No. 201070. ... More

how to make a winning student council speech

The student council today, the senate tomorrow. In either case, you have to prepare a speech to convince the voters that you, in fact, are the best person for the position. ... More

how to make enemies shoot at you in game maker

shooting in gamemaker. cooldudue. 3:02pm 20 Apr 2015 in Questions and Answers. wazzup guys im looking for a way for my character to to shoot but i cant find a way to have the bullet with the character.So now whenever i shoot the bullet is somewhere else . Comments. Karuji. 3:16pm 20 Apr 2015. So this comes down to where you are creating the bullet. I would do this from your player object ... More

html how to make a link to another page

Hyperlink is a pointer from one HTML document to another one, the target may be same website location or some other location on the Internet. An HTML Link tag starts from a > and end with /a > tag, everything between these two will work as a Link. ... More

how to pay an invoice on your bank account

Customer's house bank dispatches the money to ABC's bank account. Now, company ABC has set up house bank and maintained the same account in their SAP system. Once the payment is received, your bank sends EBS file to your SAP system along with instructions saying which all invoices are paid by the customer. ... More

how to make your man feel more manly

Every man wants to feel masculine in front of a woman hes in love with. He wants to show that he cares about her, protects her and that she can always count on him. So if you want to be happy in a relationship, it is very important to do little things in order to make your man feel good about his masculine nature. ... More

how to make eevee happy moon

The things stated in this answer are for happiness, which turn eevee into Espeon or Umbreon. If you want a Sylveon, you need high affection, which is gained in Pokémon Amie, as well as a fairy move. If you want a Sylveon, you need high affection, which is gained in Pokémon Amie, as well as a fairy move. ... More

how to make chocolate drizzle

Cookies With Chocolate Drizzle Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars Cookies With Chocolate Drizzle How To Make A Chocolate Chip Cookie best chocolate sugar cookie recipe Subway Style Chocolate Chip Cookies Kirkland Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Large Chocolate Chip Cookies Most ones retro candies and lollipops are smaller, so may ... More

how to set play on awake true for game object

Changes the object description. If the function succeeds, the returned value will be true, otherwise false. To get the detailed If the function succeeds, the returned value will be true, otherwise false. ... More

how to make soap for beginners

Description. This Beginners Soap Making Workshop will take place at New Harmony Soap Co. located at 512 Main Street in New Harmony, Indiana on Saturday, January 26, 2019. ... More

how to make a hole in wood for tea candle

Design Sponge guides you through the process of creating specific holes in small pieces of particle board wood so that, when the light from the lit candle shines through, they look like star constellations! ... More

how to make a brick propane forge

18/03/2016 But hopefully I've got all the steps illustrated to show you how to go from a 20lb propane tank to a respectable vertical forge. I didn't illustrate some steps (like water-purging the tank) but hopefully that doesn't detract from the end result too much. ... More

how to read nvram file for vmware

Now you could manually recreate a missing or corrupt VMX file (restoring one from a backup would be the best solution) but a quick and easy way for recreating it is to create a new VM within the VMware Infrastructure Client (VIC) or via CLI/RCLI. During the creation process point the new VMs drives to the existing disk (VMDK) files of the server with the corrupt/missing VMX file. ... More

how to make another image look part of picture photoshop

This lets you place the text so that the best part of the photo shows through. Step 8 If you save the file as a JPEG, Photoshop adds a white background. To preserve the transparency, save the file as a transparent GIF. To preview what a background will look like with the text, click Add New Layer on the Layers palette, and click-and-drag the new layer to the bottom. Then, click the Foreground ... More

how to make a full body puppet

High quality full body ventriloquist style puppet made by Silly Puppets. 25" God Answers Prayers, Peach Boy, Full Body, Christian Ministry Puppet by Silly Puppets ... More

how to make your husband satisfied in bed

These 15 secrets from sexually satisfied longterm couples will help you supercharge your sex life and deepen your bond with your partner. ... More

how to put fonts into photoshop

Photoshop provides several options for working with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean type. Characters in Asian fonts are often referred to as double‑byte characters. ... More

how to say happy mardi gras in new orleans

Happy Holidays from Mardi Gras World! Well be open until 2 p.m. (last tour begins at 1 p.m.) today, and well be closed on Christmas Day. Mardi Gras World is a wonderful experience for the entire family, and we invite you to bring the whole krewe when we reopen our doors on the 26th. ... More

how to put up plasterbards

Lighter items will hang on small tacks or nails but for heavier stuff use those plasterboard plugs (the ones that look like the end of a Dalek's exterminator thingy). ... More

how to run an aa meeting

How to Run Inclusive Meetings 22 Feb 2018. Peer review and feedback season is well upon us, and one of the most frustrating pieces of feedback Ive received (and regrettably given) is you should talk more in meetings. ... More

how to make it happen quotes

~Quotes for Everyday Life ~. 77,360 likes 1,499 talking about this. Quotes to make you think,reflect and realize that life is to be lived,and not a... Quotes to make you think,reflect and realize that life ... More

minecraft how to make a potion stand

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a dark oak door with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. In Minecraft, dark oak doors are one of the many mechanisms that you can make. ... More

how to repeat something 4 times in sibelius

The body of the loop generally “does something” (like print above in line 4) that you want done repeatedly. There is code inside the body of the loop to set up for the next time through the loop, where the variable which needs to change gets transformed to its next value (line 5 in the example above). ... More

how to read cumulative poisson probability table

POISSON.DIST. 12/10/2018; 2 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. Returns the Poisson distribution. A common application of the Poisson distribution is predicting the number of events over a specific time, such as the number of cars arriving at a toll plaza in 1 minute. ... More

how to make love wiki

15/06/2017 · how to make a guy like you on a date and love spells to make him fall in love with you, make the cancer man fall in love with you, how to get your relationship back ... More

how to make cheap international calls from india

* Calls to Malaysia do not require use of a country code. 2. Dial India country code: 91 . Dial country code +91 to reach any location in India. Country codes are also known as ISDs or international subscriber dialing codes. ... More

how to put tool enchantments onto a book minecraft

2/04/2014 Put the item you want to enchant in the first slot and the enchanted book in the second slot. Take your item out of the third slot, and it would be enchanted with the enchantments on the enchanted book. Also, you should name your tool or weapon too, as it would need less xp than when you enchant and name separately. But from the next update, that would be fixed. ... More

how to prepare for zoho interview

(#M40152473) ZOHO QUESTION Reasoning Keep an EYE In an exam, there were 25 math qns and 75 nonmath qns. To answer a math qn, a candidate was supposed to spend twice the time he spends to answer a nonmath qn. ... More

how to play i love you by people

I Love You, America isnt getting weekly coverage, though we may pop back if things get interesting. Ill keep following the show personally, so feel free to let me know what you think in the ... More

how to make sweet hot jam

Naturally rich in pectin and high in acidity, these fruits make for jam with rich textures and the best balance of sweet and tart. When choosing your fruit, look for pieces that are just ripe rather than overly ripe, as stone fruit tends to lose pectin and acidity the … ... More

how to pack stokke travel bag

The key to packing is to 1. organize, 2. pack only what can fit in a bag your child can pull, and 3. take items that have proven to entertain your child but that you will not mind losing along the way. When we have long flights, I will visit the 100-yen store a few days before and buy a surprise for each hour of the flight and wrap. The kids love getting something new each hour they are awake ... More

how to make a backup samsung galaxy s5

Backup Samsung Galaxy S6/S5 with the Built-in Backup App You must have found that there is built-in Backup app on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S5. By using it, you can backup apps, contacts, SMS, MMS, calendar, call logs and pictures from your Samsung Galaxy S6/S5 to its SD card. ... More

how to make skinny mint tea

You can make mint tea from either dried or fresh peppermint leaves and even essential mint oil. To make it from dried leaves, steep a 1-teaspoon serving of dried leaves in … ... More

how to say someone graduated with honours

In Canada, (Hons) actually indicates that you completed a 4 year Honours degree, not that you graduated 'with Honours' which I would assume it means you did well in the programme. Not sure if it's the same in the UK. Actually, here's a useful link proving I'm mostly wrong about the UK. ... More

how to make crispy chicken wings vietnamese

Pok Pok Vietnamese Chicken Wings Sometime last year, this Pok Pok Vietnamese Chicken Wings was one of my few maiden recipes Ive posted. Today, Im going to show you the new, improved version of this irresistible, crispy, garlicky sticky wings that ... More

sims 3 how to move into funished house

7/08/2011 · I download a couple of houses from the exchange section of the sims 3 website and i placed a copy of them on an empty lot. I want to move my sims into one of them but it wont give me the option to move them in... ... More

how to make a flower pot candy bouquet

Thankfully, you can make them yourself before they’re set off. Celebrate all kinds of events with these 20 DIY candy bouquets! 1. Valentine’s Day Boyfriend Bouquet . Jenny Collier made this super easy Valentine’s Day candy bouquet that would be perfect for any of our boyfriends! Don’t you think? Just include his favorites! 2. Lollipop Flower Bouquet. Adorable for shower decor or as a ... More

how to make a hole in a shell

Many molluscs, such as the moon snails, prey on other molluscs by drilling a hole in the shell with their radulas, which are like ribbons with many small chitinous teeth on them, along with secreting acid to soften the shell. ... More

how to make a dupe maching in ftb direwolf 20

Direwolf 20 1.10 Let's Play Ep. 54: Sea of Dimension Shards Surprise, accidental cam bombing today, totally didn't mean to have that on and was still fairly early for me at the time of recording so sorry all. ... More

how to make fabric planter bags

A versatile material in the garden, burlap is used to wrap tree and shrub roots, mulch growing beds, protect newly planted seeds. I love adding strips of it to my worm bin. ... More

how to make diamond shape in gimp

GIMP Tutorial #16 – How to Draw Shapes Using the Selection Tools and Stroking Capabilities. GIMP is an astonishing free image manipulation program that offers great tools, effects and filters in an extremely easy to use environment with layer control and the possibility to … ... More

how to play the cave on guitar

Open D Guitar Lesson - A nice lesson on using open D tuning, that includes chord shapes, video clips, basic theory and some songs to try and play. Richie Havens Lesson - The guitarist who was introduced to millions through Woodstock shares his guitar technique, one which finds the guitarist using open D tuning constantly. ... More

how to prepare sudan three solution

Sudan III is a dye used for Sudan staining. Similar dyes include Oil Red O , Sudan IV , and Sudan Black B . They are used for staining of triglycerides in frozen sections, and some protein bound lipids and lipoproteins on paraffin sections. ... More

how to put gmail icon on desktop

Gallery: plafones originales maltreat crossword used small desk with drawers make evident antonyms of relevant japanese americanjapanese americans are americans who are fully or pa... ... More

how to make boiled beans

Grabbing a dozen bags of pinto beans (Goya, if you must know), we started cooking, covering a half-pound of dried beans in 8 cups of water, bringing them to a boil, then reducing to a simmer until ... More

how to make bath jellies

If you opt for the “bar of soap” method, it’s probably best to do so with frozen or chilled jellies to make them easier to handle. At room temperature, they’re slippery little suckers. If ... More

how to make holes in earring cards

I make my own earring cards too by: Dana . This is so fast and easy. Pick up a pack of decorative business cards and whala you have your earring card. I use the point of a knife to make the small holes to inset the earring into. Very professional looking and very, very easy. Good ideas! by: Anonymous. I have a question though…I’m making jewelry sets (necklace & earrings)and wanting to put ... More

how to band pass filter in matlab

Construct an Input Signal to Test the Band Pass Filter. This bandpass filter should be able to recover a sinusoidal signal at 2.45 GHz that is made noisy by the inclusion of zero-mean random noise and a blocker at 2.35 GHz. ... More

how to put in nipple shield piercing

The 19-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star left little to the imagination as she revealed her nipple rings in a sheer black lace bra while plugging her pop-up shop on Instagram. ... More

how to make protein bars

When I have time to make bars, they are SOOO worth it. Some of my favorite packaged bars are Square Bars and Perfect Bars, but I have to 100% admit that making your own bars is … ... More

how to pack a kite surfing kite

If you’ve ever rolled through the airport with half a dozen bags hanging off your shoulders and arms, you know just how useful a large roller bag can be. ... More

how to open a zip file in google drive

17/12/2013 A simple guide to the fastest and easiest way to download files from Google Drive Manually download a file to your computer - Drive Help How to download a shared file from Google Drive ... More

how to make cookies with pictures on them

Candy canes are super versatile, whether you use them in kids crafts or crush them up for the perfect peppermint frosting on these minty-fresh cookies. Get the recipe at Delish . 17 of 76 ... More

how to access a septic plan of my land

This form is to be used for all new & upgraded On-site Sewage Management Systems (OSSM) installations. The certification form is to be filled out by the installer of the OSSM and must be inclusive of the effluent land application arrangements. ... More

minecraft how to make superhero statues

The last statue with the lantern reminds me of the statues in the background of the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion, which are just outside of a Westmarch City Gate! permalink embed ... More

how to make vietnamese fish sauce

Fish sauce: salty. And funk. Fish sauce by itself tastes really funky, but when its paired with these other ingredients it mellows out and brings just the right amount of pizzaz. ... More

how to prepare to move overseas

As an expat, youre bound to experience stress, loneliness and homesickness from time to time. The good news is that there are ways to prepare yourself for an overseas move which could help you cope with these expat struggles and adjust to life abroad much faster. ... More

how to make your own fusion drive

11/05/2017 · This will leave the original file on your computer and create a copy on the USB drive. This isn't necessary if you're using iTunes. 5. Wait for the files to finish transferring. This may take a while if you are copying a lot of music files. 6. Drag the USB drive to the Trash. After the transfer is complete, drag the USB drive to the Trash to safely unmount it. 7. Remove the USB drive from the ... More

how to make a fringe purse

Bags are fun and easy to make and great beginner projects! Here is one I really wanted to have done in time for the holidays because I thought it would make a nice handmade gift and be great to carry on New Years Eve but I ran out of time. ... More

how to make santa claus drawing step by step

How To Draw Santa Claus Step By Step Easy Drawing Lesson Teach your child to learn drawing with this Santa Claus and Christmas tree drawing step by step tutorial. Your kids maybe, probably, draw this on front of a Christmas card or Christmas gifts and give it to friends. ... More

how to make a voxel game in c++

Super Voxel World is a creative sandbox packed with features to help you unleash your imagination. Create your own gameplay experiences in a procedurally generated voxel world, or … ... More

how to meal plan on a budget

How to Meal Plan On a Tight Budget includes having a weekly grocery list or a meal plan shopping list, making a budget for family meal plans and sticking to your shopping list for a tight budget. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. ... More

how to make floating battleship beer pong

Find Beer Pong in Canada Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Ontario. ... More

how to play clash royale without internet

12/06/2018 · Now the question is that how play clash Royale on PC or laptop? Don’t worry, you will find the best solution here. Don’t worry, you will find the best solution here. Just switch on your PC and internet connection . ... More

how to open blocked pages

Today, we live in a world where everyone online talks about the need for freedom, yet the internet is the most censored utility. There are many websites and online services which are only available in specific regions, while unavailable in other regions, despite being a free service. ... More

how to say what is ur name in spanish An easy way to saymy name is in Spanish is: Mi nombre es 6. Now lets think for a moment your name is Charles,To Introduce yourself in Spanish, you could say : Mi nombre es Charles ... More

how to make wedding luminary bags

Glowing Photo Luminaries Tutorial by Our Best Bites. Supplies Needed blank sheets of vellum (available at craft stores) photo printer (I used a Canon PIXMA) ... More

how to run android on laptop

Google’s open source Android operating system has become one of the big hits in mobile technology. Many different types of handsets are appearing based on it, and it’s headed for non-phone platforms too. ... More

excel 2010 vba how to run a sub

The only thing left was to write a VBscript which would allow you to run an Excel macro (run VBA from VBscript). Here is an example: 'This runs the macro below RunMacro 'The RunMacro procedure Sub RunMacro() Dim xl Dim xlBook Dim sCurPath path = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").GetAbsolutePathName(".") ... More

how to pass level 12 on wheely

Help Wheely to overcome the challenges on his third edition. Unlock switches and open the doors to pass. Use the logic and win all levels! INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse. Unlock switches and open the doors to pass. ... More

how to make money on youtube per view

Instead of relying on revenue through ads and YouTube, start your own On Demand video store with and make money on monthly subscriptions and pay-per-view rentals of your videos Put one or two full videos or some teaser videos on YouTube to drive people back your own site. ... More

japanese doors how to make

Sliding doors are a Japanese tradition. (Image: Japanese culture image by Sammy from The climate of Japan is temperate to tropical, with cold ... More

how to prepare egg pizza

Instructions. Set the EGG for indirect cooking at 425°F/232°C. To make the crust, mix the dough ingredients and knead — by hand, mixer, or bread machine — to make a smooth crust. ... More

how to make a top menu in wordpress

WordPress comes with easy to use menu functionality, letting you quickly create custom menus and place them in your themes menu areas or even in a widgetized area with the menus widget. ... More

how to produce loads of cum

30/07/2013 · I had been researching how to ejaculate more (like, shoot more cum), and what I keep seeing repeated over and over again is to take Zinc. I've also read other things can help, but Zinc is a repeating factor on almost every site I've read. ... More

how to make beetroot concentrate

However, there are several other benefits to beetroot juice that should at least make you consider taking beetroot juice as a supplement. A new study suggests that beetroot juice has the ability to increase energy levels throughout the day. ... More

how to merge to images to make one

Free service to merge and/or overlay several images (photos, pictures, graphics, etc.) to create a new image. Upload source images or refer to images on another website. Upload source images or refer to images on another website. ... More

how to install google play services on genymotion

If Play Store doesn't appear, you may need to reboot again or even reinstall one or both of the packages. If you still have problems, consult this page: How to install Google Play Services in a Genymotion VM ... More

how to make a refreshing drink wikihow

Here are 8 Refreshing Summer Drinks: 1. Orange Pomegranate Green Tea This Skinnylicious summer beverage takes only minutes to make and contains just 112 calories per 12 ounce serving! 2. Sparkling Lime Mint Quencher. Our Sparkling Lime Mint Quencher tastes just like a mojito, but without the body-bulging extra calories. Plus, limes are superfoods! Learn what limes can do for your health here ... More

how to make everything urokinase

Urokinase is extracted from urine and brought on the market as medicine on a large scale. Urea: Besides water, urea is the main component of urine and is a decomposition product of converted proteins. ... More

how to prepare sweet and sour chicken

You can make this amazing homemade sweet and sour chicken faster than you can order a Chinese takeout! Soft chicken pieces in a crispy crust and finger-licking sticky sweet and sour sauce doesnt get any better than that! ... More

how to order restaurant australia

Some restaurant etiquette is just common sense: Don’t speak when your mouth is full, don’t tell rude jokes during the meal, and always cover your mouth when you cough. ... More

how to prepare for a pt test in a week

For weeks 5 and 6, you are getting ready to establish your PT test pace, but only twice per week. This should allow your running performance to peak at the time of your PT test. This should allow your running performance to peak at the time of your PT test. ... More

how to play happy birthday on casio notes

Happy birthday! Dream big and have a wonderful Birthday! Hope you keep a special happy birthday feeling all year long! Dream big and have a wonderful Birthday! Hope you keep a special happy birthday feeling all year long! ... More

how to make rosin without parchment paper

Parchment paper or PTFE sheets when pressing rosin? The type of rosin press paper you use really comes down to preference. Some people prefer using PTFE sheets because it's stronger and tears less easily under pressure. ... More

how to make a filter out of paper

The paper of the coffee filter has a tight enough weave that the silica gel granules should stay contained in your homemade tea bag and not fall out. I think it will … ... More

minecraft mypet how to ride

Message.Command.Trade.Receiver.Offer.Price. Original: Translated: ... More

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how to make your own custom hole punch offers 7,010 custom logo hole punch products. About 5% of these are hole punch, 1% are punching machines, and 1% are moulds. A wide variety of custom logo hole punch options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

how to make fresh horseradish

How to make fire cider, an immune-boosting health tonic with fresh horseradish, ginger, garlic, onions, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and honey.

how to make auto seat covers

Learning how to make a car seat cover can be really challenging but its actually quite simple to do. The important thing to do is know what your goals are when you set out to customize your car seats. Customizing your seats can actually be rewarding and a major selling point when and if you decide

how to make briquettes from sawdust

Briquettes are the hot new thing for your wood-burning stove, so cut . Oct 10, 2015 Burning wood is generally considered a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuel Briquette producers take sawdust and other shredded wood, apply Logs sold in the UK generally have much higher levels of moisture 20% in Saving waste timber from landfill and

how to ride a flowrider

What is the FlowRider. Through the artificial waves created by the FlowRider, anyone can now experience the joy of riding waves indoors. The FlowRider is one of the mainstream sheet wave generators in the world.

how to make a child behave

Behavior charts, when used correctly and consistently, can be very effective parenting tools. A behavior chart is an easy and inexpensive way to monitor and correct your childs behavior, and is also an excellent means of enabling your child to take responsibility for his or her actions.

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